Energy efficient solutions for window installation


Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in the EU.

Under the existing Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, it is mentioned amongst other things that all new buildings must be nearly zero energy buildings after 31 December 2020.

In order to achieve all the requirements that are imposed for nearly zero energy buildings, many measures and solutions should be applied- for example, using high-efficiency heating systems, renewable energy sources, heat recovery ventilation and also ensuring elaborated heat-proof structures.

Due to the requirements of buildings’ energy efficiency, terms like thermal insulation, airtightness and weatherproofing have gained great importance. To achieve a desired effect, professional and well thought-through solutions are required from all the involving participants such as architects, engineers, contractors and producers of building materials.

One of the most complicated joints in construction is considered to be the window installation joint. There are several reasons that make this joint so complex:

  • Heat-losses must be minimized
  • It needs to be airtight to avoid heat-losses through air leakages
  • It needs to be vapor tight to protect structure from excessive humidity, which can cause structure failures, cold bridges and mildew
  • Avoiding cold bridges
  • It must be ensured that accidental humidity and moisture can move out of the structure
  • All the internal structures must be protected from outside weather conditions such as UV-radiation, rainwater, wind, etc
  • Avoiding cold bridges
  • It needs to be able to bare structural movements
  • While fulfilling all the requirements listed above, it also needs to maintain an esthetic look, both in internal and external environment

The purpose of this information, is to introduce a range of PENOSIL products that perform an important and specific role to achieve energy efficient solutions. Depending on the situation, every product can be used individually or as a system with others, in order to achieve to greatest possible result and effect.

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